Converse upgrade - abort wrap up time

We currently have the mandatory activity code setting enabled which means wrap up enters an overdue state when the set wrap up time expires.
Operational managers have always had the ability to ‘click and clear’ a wrap up time if the agent hasn’t already done so but since our recent upgrade they are unable to do so.
Has there been a change in functionality or is there a button we as administrators need to click somewhere?
Thank you.

Hi Lisa, the previous option would have been a “feature” :upside_down_face:. Being mandatory, Agents must select an Activity Code to end wrap-up as this is now flagged as Mandatory.

However, after having a chat about this (with a colleague), it seems that you can end wrap-up as a Supervisor even if the Agent has not selected an Activity Code when they are inside the wrap-up time, but once this is overdue, it disappears.

Can I ask that you raise this with our support team using the support option at the top and they can investigate if there is another “feature” to look into or is as designed.

Thanks for highlighting this.