Convert web chat to phone call

Does Netcall have the facility to convert a ‘chat’ conversation to a telephone call if needed? If not, is it a service you offer as an ad on or not available?

Hi Vanessa.

To answer your question - Yes and No.

First No - as in not directly, there is a process you would need to follow to convert the Chat to a Phone call.

Yes - The process.

  1. Agent Receives the Message Interaction.

  2. Agent or Customer wishes to switch to speaking via a phone call.

  3. Customer provides a number for the Agent to call on.

  4. Agent goes to the Directory Tab within Liberty Converse and enters the number to make an Outbound Call.

  5. Agent is connected to the Customer via a phone call. (They can then end the Message Interaction as Done (perhaps have an Activity code to say that they switched it to a phone call?)).

The only caveat is that the system treats these Interactions as two separate exchanges. The first is the inbound Message Interaction; the second is the Outbound Call Interaction. There is no direct correlation between them.

Hopefully, this shows that you can easily switch from a Message (Chat) to a Voice call within the Liberty Converse Contact Centre. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Also, if you have ideas for enhanced functionality/improvements, please add them to the Ideas portal using the Ideas link at the top of the Community pages.

Kind Regards,


Hi Vanessa - to add to Jonathan’s response, one option could be to offer a Callback to a customer using QueueBuster, directly from within a Chat in Liberty Connect.

So in this example, a customer is looking for an update on a Case in CRM ( returned without speaking to a human ) If they then want to speak to someone, they request a callback from Connect, The agent handling the callback would of course be able to see the connect transcript, if allowed.

Happy to have a chat to discuss this if you think its useful ?