Copying subset name into case


I’m on my first build so forgive me if this seems to be a very simple question. I want to be able to add the name of the subset a record belongs to in a list widget for the list of cases page on an IT Service Desk but I cant find a way to do it without creating a rule for every subset. (The cases are added to the subsets using predefined filters) I was hoping that there would be a way to universally copy the subset name to field in the case.

I hope this makes sense…



Hi Richard,

Probably the simplest way to do this in your situation would be to set up a conditional composite and then use that.

If you go to add a new composite you can switch the drop down where it normally says ‘Field value’ to Conditional. You can then select your subset and it will add a conditional block into the content. Within that block you can add the name of the subset.

You’d repeat this for all your subsets and then when you use the composite it will return the value you’ve specified. Like with most things in Create there are different ways to do this but without seeing how you’ve set everything up this is probably the easiest option.