Corporate user using follow me

We have a corporate user who would like to change the call destination using follow me. However, you can only have 9 stored numbers this way. There could be up to 12 numbers that are required depending on the day and this changes week to week. Is there any other way this can be configured?

Hi there @wardr1 the Directory allows you to have:

  • Desk

  • Mobile

  • Home

  • Secretary

  • Bleep/Pager

  • 10x custom numbers

This should allow you to have 12 contacts (but only 10 labeled at your preferred name).

However, the user could use the User Telephony TUI (Telephone User Interface) and then they can use the option to enter the number they want calls to go to. This would mean they can update this whenever they want without the need to have the number listed. - They would need a Class of Service with the flag “Can change Current Location to temporary number:” enabled.

Let us know if this solves the issue or if we need to look at additional options.

Many thanks