COVID-19 App registration - Coming very soon!

Get ready! Our Community COVID-19 app registration area will be available very soon, and we’re going to need your help.

We’ll be publishing a list of ongoing and completed COVID-19 projects with a description and current status. These are from various Community members, both Netcall and other organisations.

Where you get to play your part is by submitting your projects. There will be a form for this. Remember these are in-progress as well as completed. There will also be a form for submitting ideas you may have for project you want to do, or that you want others to take up.

We want to get these all together so that everybody can see what’s going on and to avoid duplication. The idea is that you can take something that someone else has done and use it as is, or develop it further for your specific needs. Remember, this applies to Create and Converse

Please start thinking about projects and ideas you would like to share, and I’ll let you know the moment the new page is live.

Stay safe, cheers, Tony

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