Creating a field for sort code

Is it possible to create a field with 3 boxes to accept sort code?

We created a 3 box date input field, i’m happy to share it if you think it will be useful.

Afternoon Kalpana,

I have created an elegant 3 field sort code capture presenter.
I will upload this to the AppShare shortly and post a link below.


It will only accept numbers and auto-advances on entry. The field can be overwritten by simply selecting the first cell and re-typing.

It is to be used with a Single Text Line field and the saved format is hyphenated i.e. 30-99-12 as text.

A new presenter for sort codes is available here:

Please let me know if you experience any issues.

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Thank you very much. Appreciate it.


Is the code to be used in Code Studio?

Afternoon Kalpana,

Yes, please use the instructions included in AppShare to upload and publish the presenter in Code Studio.

Any problems please let me know.

Hi Adam,

I need to create a checkbox. So a dropdown, where customer can pick multiple choices, instead of just one as in radio.

I need to then be able to create validations based on the choices they make. So, it could be making a page visible depending on the option they pick or a field displaying depending on the choice.

Thank you