Creating a rule to trigger every month

I’m trying get the platform to send an email at the end of every month to a related Party, with a list of all the cases completed in the month. These cases can then be Audited by the receiving Party.

Has anyone else created anything similar to this? If so what Logical approach did you follow?

I keep planning out a build, but then when I go to implement it feels illogical and clunky.
If anyone has any advice on Subsets, Rules and Composites required, would hopefully help solve my issue :slight_smile:

Morning Lee,

Where specifically do you feel that you are coming unstuck, what particularly feels illogical?
If I were building this out, I would start on screen first so that I had my subsets working for my related parties, I would then create my template to mirror what I had achieved on screen and finally my signals to fire the templates.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for this. It was the mention of “Signals” that has helped. These are not something we have used in our build, and a simple look at the Help screen for signals has helped me.
There’s me thinking about how i’m going to get it to work as a “Rule”, all the while just ignoring “Signals” as a possibility. This will help me out massively.
Hopefully i should be all good now!

Glad I could help and good luck!