CRM for Local Government

We’re new to Liberty Create and would like to build a CRM application for our contact centre team. Has anyone already done something like this and would be willing to share any hints or tips?

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Croydon are replacing their Dynamics CRM with something built with Liberty Create. Am sure @kevin.rowe could give you the details!

Thanks for the information Dave.
@kevin.rowe - I’m at Stroud District Council. We’re just starting on the journey and in the process of capturing user requirements for a CRM application. If you have anything you can share it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, we have been developing the Citizen Hub to use as a replacement for Dynamics. It’s designed to be used by both the contact centre and back office to create end-end transactions that are visible to all involved. We are accepting that most back offices have their own line of business system, so the back office part is fairly light so they don’t consider it a burden or “yet another system to use”. We are going to encourage them to simply close the loop by adding a case closed date and a one-line resolution, except where LC is the line of business application.

We are trying to make good use of SLA’s so teams can be performance managed, and are in the middle of a power BI integration for dashboarding.

Happy to show you some time if you have an hour to spare.

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Maybe one for a user group show and tell, Kev?

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More than happy to organises a Community show and tell for those interested if that helps.

Thanks Kevin. Would really appreciate a demo. My email is if you’d like to suggest a convenient time.

@dave.amps @davebriggs I’ll let you know when it’s ready for a public appearance!

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Hi, South Hams/West Devon council have been using Liberty Create as a CRM since December 2020 to replace our old Civica CRM. We’ve got about 80 processes live now, but have also largely left the back office systems out. We’re also happy to share/demo our work so far/would be interest in seeing Croydon’s demo.


Hi Victoria. Thanks. I’d be very interested to see what you’ve done. regards Chris