CSS Tricks: Improving a layout

Because MATS is built to give the builder the simplest way to create pages, sometimes a little work can greatly improve the appearance to an otherwise simple interface.

One of my most frequent fixes for projects is to move the search panel into a column on the left [or right… but by putting it on the left it will be at the top on responsive mobile interfaces]

Consider this example:

It’s fine, but for my eyes it isn’t massively different form the listing widget on the right. And creating clarity for the user is always a good thing :slight_smile:

So… in page builder I clicked on the search panel to change its settings. Right at the bottom of the settings there is this sneaky little option. I expanded it and added these three classes “rounded bg-light p-3” [these are classes built into MATS - more on this another day]


  • ‘rounded’ makes the corners of the panel rounded
  • ‘bg-light’ gives the panel a light grey background
  • ‘p-3’ gives the panel 16px padding all round

I also like the search fields to be ‘title above’ rather than in two columns:


The only other thing I need to do is add a little secret class into the theme CSS to remove the line and spacing from that heading so it lines up better:

.system_widget_search.rounded.bg-light.p-3 h3 {
    border: none;
    padding: 0;

And that was it… here’s the result - hope you like it.

Feel free to ask any questions below. Always here to help :slight_smile:

Paul Edmonds
UX/UI, Matssoft

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Brilliant advice, thanks Paul!

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Thanks Amy… if you want any more tips I will swap for vegan cheese :wink: