Dashboard display- Showing interactions split incoming/outgoing per agent

I am trying to get a dashboard to display the specific number of incoming calls an adviser has dealt with separate to outgoing calls. I can only see interaction count which specifies direction but this only drills down to queue or skill, anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks! Matt

HI @mstender I have taken a look at the available widgets and this is not currently possible. If you add this as an idea to our Ideas portal, I am sure others would like to upvote this as a new widget option.

In the interim, you could run an Agent Summary report, I know this is not the same, but it will filter out each agent’s calls for Inbound/Outbound. Once you have created the report, you can save and quickly run the report with a single click and schedule the report to email you at a time to suit.

Thanks @JonathanRedsell glad it wasn’t just me missing where it was! Have logged something similar on the ideas portal yesterday so fingers crossed.