Date Selector Options

When registering for our customer portal we require the user to confirm their date of birth so we can match them to their record on the system. I have recently had a couple of customers complain that the process takes too long as they were swiping back through the months to get to their DOB. It isn’t very clear on some devices that you can press on the year displayed to change it before selecting the month. Does anyone know of a way to edit how the date selector displays on mobile devices or even to change it so that users can type their DOB instead?

Hi Paul, I’ve added a presenter called ‘Date Field Auto Move’ into your build environment. Give that a try, I think it should do what you want.

Hi Sean,

This is perfect.

Thank you.

Hey @Sean.Thompson ! Any chance your presenter could be shared with the Community, if not already done so? :slight_smile:

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