Deleting Survey responses

Good morning
Does anyone know if there is a way to delete a survey response please?
Context: Someone has left a survey for a worker whereby playing back the call, the call cut off, so they were left negative feedback unfairly.
Many thanks in advance

HI @Rebecki I have just taken a look and there is no way to remove the response.

Surveys take the rough with the smooth. Thinking about it, if you were allowed to delete survey responses, what’s to stop someone from deleting all the bad ones and skewing the stats. For this reason, although you may get negative feedback sometimes without merit, it is still valid feedback and as you have done, allows you to investigate these things further.

It is interesting you say the call cut off, where did the call cut off? Was the survey taken by SMS after the call ended or was it after the call (so that would mean the agent’s phone cut off and in that case the feedback could be valid if there is a fault that needs to be fix)?



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I believe it was the agents phone cutting off. Yes what you have said does make sense. Thank you for your response :slight_smile: