Destination widget group from map

Hi all

Is it possible to set the destination of a point on a map to a widget group on the same page, like you can with a list widget?



Hello Kevin,

Yes you can and here is how. step by step:

  1. Your page needs to have a base object to the object your record is located.

  2. Add a map widget NOT using the base object of the page (change the object drop down).

  3. Add an information widget USING the page base object and add your properties or information you want to display.

  4. Head into the map widget you created and set the markers layer Destination page to “This page”

Here is a screenshot of the page before I click the pin:

Here is after:

Thanks Kurt, works a treat.

So, I now have a similar issue but with the public version of this.

I have a ‘search by map’ public webpage. I’d like to be able to click on the pin and navigate to a details page (authenticated so it carries the context ID through). Please could you advise how I can do this, as it seems you can only link through to a interface page.