Determining citizen hub login status on the host application

Is it possible to determine, from a public webpage on the host, whether the portal user is logged in or not.

This isn’t when the user has clicked to start a service, but in our scenario the user navigates to the host to browse a list of events. The booking buttons against the events have a composite link for citizen hub central, which sends the user back through central to start the service request form.

At the moment we have to show 2 buttons - “login to book”, or “book as a guest”. If the user is already logged in to central is doesn’t make sense for it to say “login to book” so we want to make this dependent on if the user is already logged in on central or not. Is this possible?

It looks to me like it is not possible to get the login status from a public webpage: the cs.get_session_user_id() call from a webpage is not returning the logged in user; trying to use a portal user visibility criterion does not reflect user login status.

I checked the “ideas”, and this has cropped up before, but not been acted upon:
…if we give it enough upvotes, we may be able to get it into a future Create release.