Dialogue logic to route calls to extension


This is going to be a weird one to word, but I am wondering if there is a way that you can use logic to determine what number was dialled and point it to the relevant extension?

e.g. Caller 1 rings 7771, Caller 2 rings 7772 and caller 3 rings 7773
All 3 (7771,7772,7773) are routed to 6000 which in turn routes to a designated dialogue
The logic then interprets which number it came in on (7771,7772,7773) and transfers it to the desired extension, e.g 7771-6001, 7772 - 6002, 7773 - 6003

Is something like this possible?

Kind regards,

Hi Lauren,

Yes you can use a Logic Block to look at the %system.DDI% variable to make a routing decision. You would then transfer direct to the required dialogue, not to the 6000 number.

Let me know if you would like further help and clarification.


Jonathan Gunner

Thanks Jonathan,
You able to schedule in some time with me to go through it please? Hopefully won’t be longer than a 10 minute conversation :slight_smile: