Did you see our latest additions to the AppShare?

Hey everyone,

We have two new releases on AppShare ready for you to enhance your Liberty Create journey!

Firstly the Create QR Code, this event action enables QR Codes to be generated as images or files from strings or composites. It then allows the QR Codes to be included in emails, documents and to be shown on screen, but QR Codes are able to carry a lot more than just a website address. They are also a great way of rapidly communicating large amounts of information to mobile devices, and, thanks to their continued proliferation and tight integration into mobile devices, they are widely recognised and understood.

With this information, you can allow your customer facing teams to, simply and easily, capture contact details via QR vCards, Diary events via vCalendar, or ics and map coordinates by scanning the QR Codes using the camera app on their mobile devices. You can find samples of these formats in the release documentation.

Secondly we have the URL Parameter Value Presenter, this allows form fields to be completed automatically when passed values from named keys in the URL Parameters section of an URL. There are many uses to this such as passing IDs and other references to Create Forms via URLs in emails and other systems, capturing the IDs presented when Create is embedded in an iFrame within another system, or you can use it with a QR Code to capture context regarding their usage, such as room number, asset reference or site ID.

If you have any questions about our new releases please leave a comment down below.

Thank you!