Directory Import

I need to import a large number of new person and non-person entries. I have exported the entire directory as a .xls.
Can I just add the new entries to the existing sheets (templates) and them import?
What are the risks to existing data?

Hi @GordonIng, technically, yes, but I would urge some caution. First, check if your system will import these entities via other methods, AD Sync, NHS Department & Wards spreadsheets, and so on. You don’t want duplicates, and we really recommend sticking to the existing sync options.

Using the Export/Import option allows you to export data from existing templates. Here you can make changes, use the delete option, and add new entities to the bottom and then import them. It does, however, need to be in the same .xml file format that you have when using the export option.

I would also only use this to update changes/removal and additions of entities and remove from the sheets any that you are not making changes to (the reason being is if the entity is not listed, it will not apply any action to it).

Finally, though, I would always always always speak to Support to help you double-check things over before doing anything that would affect your systems data.

Thanks - Jonathan Redsell

@JonathanRedsell, thanks for the information. We do not sync with any external source so no problem with that.
I exported the directory and followed the Netcall documentation regarding updates and all worked OK. The fact you can use the spreadsheet to delete is very handy and allowed me to more numerous users from one group (delete) to another (import).
Is there an easy way to move all users from one template to another?