Display duration in just hours and minutes


I am creating a project time recording feature for our portfolio tracker. A user enters time spent on a project each week and it is aggregated. I’m using a duration field type.

At the moment, Wwhen the duration exceeds 24 hours it reverts to days / hours / minutes. In this context days doesn’t really mean anything (as a working day is 8 hours, not 24, and the working day is different for different members of the team). Is there a way to present this in just hours and minutes regardless of the days. i.e. time spent on project A = 75 hours 30 mins


Don’t worry, we have sorted, by converting to decimal time

Hi Kevin,

In case you are interested there is a date diff presenter available that will track the difference between any two dates. It has traffic lighting for custom thresholds and could be easily modified for 8 hour days.