Display System Status on a dashboard

Is it possible to use a custom URL to only display the content of the systemStatus DIV in a widget on a dashboard?

As you’ll see from the screen-snip below, I’ve added in the full URL https://liberty…uk/mgmt/ to the page using the iFrame widget, however that’s not exactly a great solution.

Or is there some other way to crack this nut?
Thanks for your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Hi Chris. There is no way just to display that particular part of the Platform page. You could click into the button to display the whole summary page and add that using the URL. This will then display any errors should they occur.

This is an example:

Hope that helps.



Not the answer I was hoping for but thanks Jonathan. :+1:

Understandable Crhis. May I suggest you raise the Idea of a System Status widget for a Dashboard on our Ideas Portal? That way, others can upvote it, and our product/dev teams can provide feedback and look to add it as a feature in the future. (It’s under the resources tab at the top of the community pages).



Idea now added.
Thanks again,