Displaying multiple subset filters on a single map


Is it possible to display multiple subset filters on a single map ?

We have 6 areas and want to display any combination of these as markers on a single map. If a subset filter is set up and the ‘input multiple checkbox’ presenter is used an AND operation is performed if more than 1 subset is selected and nothing is displayed. We want an OR operation to be performed so we can display for example Area1 or Area6 or Area4 on the same map.


Hi, just a note to make the above clearer.

We are trying to display cases for any combination of the 6 areas on a single map.

In case anyone is looking to do the above or similar, it can be done as follows:

  1. Create variables for each area name.
  2. Create a subset with OR conditions for each area name. The values of each area name are the variable values in (1).
  3. Create a list for the areas and select ‘Allow bulk actions’.
  4. Create 2 events which can be picked from the Bulk actions events. One event will add the selection from (3) to a subset, the other will remove it from the subset.
  5. Create 2 sets of rules for the areas. One set of rules will populate the variable values from (1) with the area name: this will effectively add the condition to the subset in (2). The other set of rules will change the variable values to a default value: this will effectively remove the condition from the subset in (2)). Each rule’s trigger will need to be constrained with respect to the area. Each rule’s response will be the global action ‘Set variable values’.
  6. Finally, each area can be given a different colour via a conditional style.