Does liberty create have the functionality to perform this action?

Does liberty create have the functionality to perform this action?

  • Send business updates to other users (Text with attached files)

  • Use business updates received from other users to create their own a business update
    Without needing to copy and paste the business updates from multiple user into a field.

  • If each business update is its own independent record. The user would be essential selecting the ones they want to then be used in their own update.

  • User would need to be able to edit if required before they send to another user.

  • Retain a copy of (text/files) so they business updates they sent at a later stage

Hi Simmeon,

Yes, these actions can be acheived using a combination of our accelerators i.e. Surveys to customers and staff + Emergency alerting app + Homeworker/risk assessment stuff.

I am happy to discuss your use cases in more detail and assist you with achieving above. Let me know if you’d like me to set up a call and we can go into details.

Hi Asif,

Thanks for the response.

I was able to locate the following, but not the others when searching?

Hi Sim

You can duplicate a record with the rules engine, which can copy over field properties. So if you had a ‘Business update’ object with a multiline formatted field property with the update, you could have an event trigger to duplicate the record (a), and the text in the field, into a new record (b). I think you could even have a redirect so it then takes the user to the new duplicate. Then that duplicate record can be linked to the users you want to send the modified update to.

With attachments, you could link them to the new ‘business update’ if a one - one link between the original business update (a) and (b), then relate the attachment records via this path.

Some of the team may have done this before, but i believe in principal this would achieve what you are asking?

Hi Simmeon,
I have been advised that our two accelerators (Surveys and HomeWorker apps) are in the pipeline at the moment and will be published to AppShare page as soon as possible.
In the meantime please feel free to drop me an email ( and we’ll arrange a call to assist you in any way we can.