Does Liberty Create use a static IP (range)

I’m working on an API integration with a 3rd party who prefer to whitelist IPs of systems authorised to call their API.

Is this something I can provide?
How can I find out the IP address(s) of my Liberty Create application making the call and have confidence I have identified the range (if there is a range)?
Sorry If I’m being lazy and this documented somewhere.

All the best

Hi Craig,

Your “Public IP Address” is shown on the About Page (BS > System > About).
It is also shown on the About page within your Controller.

(Note: For some bespoke hosting setups this might not be accurate.)


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Brilliant, thank you.
I probably should have looked there, I guess I was being lazy!!!

Not at all!

If you think there is a more obvious/helpful place to put it, let me know.