Download Active Interactions

Is there a way that we can download active interactions to a CSV?
I am attempting to download all emails that are currently queuing however can’t figure out where it can be done.
Many thanks

Hi @Karl, there isn’t an option to download active email interactions from the system. They can all be viewed using the Interactions tab within the Contact Centre applications and then filtered based on your requirements but there is no download option.

The reason being is that (if) you could download them, the list may well be out of date straight away if an interaction changed it’s state (assigned to an agent or a new one came in). Basically making the download list redundant immediately.

But saying that it would be good to understand your use case for having and using the download option and we can then take a look at the feasibility of adding this feature in.

Question to our other users: Do anyone else have a need to download the information of queuing/active interactions?

I’ve occasionally been asked for a status update so have set up a specific dashboard to show the number of emails in each state in each queue plus the longest wait time for each queue. A quick screenshot has been sufficient for our needs

Now that’s a great idea @coopera I hope you don’t mind if I pass that one around to customers (If they ask, i promise to say it was your idea).

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@coopera Is this a similar looking dashboard?

This is what I’ve gone for and works well for a quick check in at the beginning and end of the day

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We’re on 5.1.5 so may change approach if/when we move up a version

Thanks @JonathanRedsell. Were looking for a way that we could send a mail to customers who currently have an active interaction in our queue (linked to unprecedented queue wait times!). My initial thought was to download data to CSV.

I might be a bit late to the party with a response but would it not be better to amend your auto response to emails to advise of unprecedented queue wait times?

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Sounds like a nice feature to me and I think this has come up before. How about setting a time in the queue to auto respond to any unanswered emails with a set response template? @JonathanGunner thoughts?

Thanks @Karl that is actually a great idea. I like what @dave.amps suggests, where we could look at building this into an automated update response based on time in the queue and such, to make this more automated, certainly worth discussing further on this @JonathanGunner

In the mean time I was also going to suggest what @tracylancashire mentioned and adjust the Auto responses to advise that wait times are longer than normal.

@Karl what would your thoughts be on an automated response, what would your key elements of this need to satisfy?

Thank @dave.amps @JonathanRedsell sounds like something we could benefit from. I’m thinking trigger an automated response if the interaction exceeds X wait time.
It may also be useful to trigger other actions such as changing skills/queues/priority?