Downloading Message transcripts

Is there a way of downloading a transcript of a historic Message? I am aware that customers can download a transcript at the end of their interaction.

We are putting together a ‘file’ of contact from a specific customer and we need to access all of their Messages. The only way we’ve been able to do this is to use Snipping Tool to take ‘copies’ of each Message and wondered if there was an easier way of doing this? These are Messages that have come through to a live agent.

HI Ross, not in the current version (5.9.5) but do watch this space for news of upcoming releases for Liberty Converse v-soon.

In the meantime, sorry that it’s not an easier process for you currently.

Kind Regards.


Hi Ross,

I can confirm that this will be available in the upcoming 5.10 release due very soon. It will allow the transcript to be downloaded as a text file similar to the way the customer can do this in Web Assistant.



Fab! Thanks Jonathan!