DRAFT WATERMARK -Is it possible to add to a template

Is there a way to be able to insert a ‘Draft’ Watermark image throughout a template, in a similar way you can with Word documents?

Hi Christine, this is Mark. I hope you are well. I’m just about to go into a 4 hour meeting, but will take a look as soon as I get out and try to get back to you today, failing that, tomorrow morning. Regards - MP

Hi Christine, I think I have a solution for you. I am just waiting on a file from our internal designer in order to test it. I will respond once I have received the file and tested my theory. Regards - Mark

Hi Christine, I have just been informed that there will be a Watermarking facility added to Create V2020.2 that will allow you to add watermarking. Please liase with Neil Kennedy about this and he will ensure that facility is made available to you as soon as possible. Regards - Mark

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Mark, thanks for the feedback. Christine