Drop Zone File Uploader - restricting file extensions

Hi all,
just wondering if the file extension restrictions applied to the core file upload widget can be applied to the drop zone widget?
Currently we don’t allow people to upload a .pptx extension, for example, but the drop zone seems to let me do that with no restrictions, does it need to be configured separately?

Hi Jo,
Although there are no direct config settings against the custom made ‘Drop Zone File Uploader’ but here is how I see it can be achieved:

  1. My Drop Zone Uploader has an ‘Attachment’ object in ‘Relationship to file object’ settings.

2) Follow the path to ‘Attachment’ and it contains a property with type ‘File’.
3) This ‘File’ type object contains settings for ‘Restrict Extensions’ as shown in the following screenshot:

From here you can apply the file extension restrictions.


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