Dynamic Record Selector / Vue js changes in Create 24.1

Good afternoon,

We make quite extensive use of the “Dynamic Record Selector” plugin from the appshare. However, we’ve just upgraded our Create build environment to version 24.1 and have been having issues getting the presenter to function correctly since then.

The presenter is populating from the selected object correctly, but it is not possible to select an item - the dropdown closes and the field remains blank.

Another presenter we use which also uses the Vue JS select component is also demonstrating non-ideal behaviour, whereby an item needs to be selected twice before the value “sticks”.

Has anyone encountered similar problems since upgrading and would be able to advise on how we can remedy them?

Hi Dominic, I will have one of our experts respond to you here shortly. Thanks for using the AppShare and our Community Forum.

Best Regards - MP

Hi Dominic, have you downloaded the latest version from the Appshare?

Hi Adam,

Yes, I’ve downloaded and install the latest version from the Appshare and it is exhibiting the same behaviour.

Though I can clarify that the behaviour we are seeing with the presenter is that an item has to be selected twice in order for it to be “selected” in the field. The first selection of the item collapses the dropdown and leaves the field blank.

Apologies Dominic,

Please download again from Dynamic Record Selector - Netcall Community.
I have uploaded a new version which resolves the issue.

Please let me know if you any further problems.

Many Thanks

Good afternoon Adam,

Happy to confirm this has resolved the problem.
Thanks for taking a look and addressing so quickly.


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