Dynamic widget selection

Hi All,

I am creating an app collect participant responses for a measurement tool that generates a tailored report based on their response.

Questions are allocated to measurement questionnaires, each question is held in a table with an attribute to control the number of permitted responses. A Question_Response table holds a row for each potential response.

My aim when presenting the Question Responses is to use the number of permitted responses to either
a. present single response question response as radio button options
b. present multiple response questions as check boxes or as options that can be dragged into order of preference.

Is this something build studio can handle or does it need code studio?

My aim is to have a single question per page (using rows per page = 1)

One idea is to have different widgets (single select, multi select) and either make it visible or invisible dependent on the number of responses permitted for the question.

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Many thanks


Hi Mark,

Yes this can surely be done using Build studio and you won’t need much coding in order to achieve it.

Using the Build Studio you can control the number of permitted responses to a question and also the type of responses per question. For example you may use radio buttons and checkboxes (as you suggested) to capture one or many responses OR you may use a rating widget (1-5 stars), a date or text area controls in order to provide more flexibility in your ‘Surveys’.

You can create a property (let’s call it ‘Response Type Required’) in your ‘Question’ object with the data type base format as ‘choice’ and create one (radio box) or multiple (checkboxes) response type choices in it. Then on the actual UI side, when the user is creating an actual ‘Question’ record, let them select the type of possible response(s). Please refer to the screenshot at the end of my post for clarity.

Here is how I achieved it in one of our apps, downloadable on the AppShare: https://community.netcall.com/appshare/general-surveys-2020/

Please feel free to download and have a go. It should give you a quick start:

Many thanks Asif,

I’d seen the App, but I’m still playing in the training environment, but will look into that.

I really appreciate the speedy response and support.