E-mail from address

Is it possible to have a number of different E-mail from addresses on one queue? We have an info@ address but the response needs to be sent from different queue/e-mail addresses.

Hi @LynseyLeonard, it is possible, yes, but it does require some re-config.

Each Queue can be configured with its own from address, as shown here
email settings

All replies will then come from that email address when replying from that Queue.

The next step if you want to send from these addresses for new Outbound Emails would be to enable the Allow Outbound Emails tick box on these Queues.

Your Agents will then need to select the Queue they wish to send the Email from when they click on the New Email button as shown.
Outbound email

I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any further questions.

Thanks - Jonathan Redsell