Email routing - Channel permissions

How do people manage channels and permissions, from what I can tell only power users have access/permissions I cannot see a role that can be used to provide permissions. Any suggestions/recommendations welcome. Many thanks.

Hi @LynseyLeonard Contact Centre Channels requires a permission that comes from the System Type and has the Configure system settings permission enabled. This is already built into the System Administration permission on a typical Liberty Converse Solution.

However, this setting does give more permissions than just managing Channels as this is considered something only Admins should do due to the potential for mishap, to this end there is no separate Channel permission on the system currently. If you feel this is something you require then please add this to the Ideas Portal so that a change can be raised.

Thank you.


Thank you @JonathanRedsell I have tried to enter a topic in the Blog as I cannot see the Idea’s Portal, where would I see that?

You can go to or if you click Resources at the top and then select Ideas. Then on the right-hand side use the Add an Idea option, select Converse from the product list, add your idea and click Submit New Idea.

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