Email templates


Am I correct in thinking I can create an email template but cannot create email snippets that can be added to any template?


Hi @tracylancashire.

Email Templates are assigned per Queue. Meaning you can have a different Template for each Queue within your Contact Centre. Templates are used to add information to the Header/Footer of the email. The text the Agent responds with is placed in the space between the Header and Footer (often called the Body).

The Agent cannot select the template they want to use as this is based on the Queue the Email comes into.

Snippets are done added per Group. These are available for the Agent to select and place into the Body of the Email. Agents can select the Snippets they want to use per Email (Both Inbound and Outbound) and Agents can select and insert more than one Snippet per Email and of course edit the text before sending.

So, you can create Templates as a global layout for the Email (Per Queue if required). And you can create Snippets for the Agents to use within the Body of the Email that you want to send.

Hopefully this clears things up a little. If not let me know.


Jonathan Redsell - Trainer

@JonathanRedsell Thanks.

Am re-reading the training notes, I will be back to you if I need further help.