Emails Priority Markers

Hi All,

I wondered if you could explain or direct me to guides where I can find an answer on how priorities work when distributing emails on Liberty.

In my team, we manage three queues, let’s call them Q1, Q2 and Q3. I need to change emails in Q3 to “higher priority”, so these emails are dealt with first. Still, at the same time, I want the system to distribute Q1 and Q2 emails with “normal” priority markers to all agents without changing their skills, so it’s a mixture of emails from all three queues. I noticed that system has four other priorities, but I am unable to find what is the actual difference between them. Is it the ratio of distributed emails from higher priority queues like 3 to 1, i.e. three emails from Q3 to 1 from Q1/Q2?

Hi. Take a look at With the exception of the queue jump priority (which ensures the interaction is at the front of the queue), all other priorities just lead to the interaction moving through the queue faster. So therefore, emails will still be pushed to agents across all 3 queues, but emails in a queue with higher priority will get to the front of the queue faster than emails in the other queues.

Hi @marcin. You can adjust Email Priorities in one of two places.

The first is within your Contact Centre Queue settings. If you have an email-only Queue, you can set the priority here.

However, this is not the best place, and having separate email Queues is not the recommended way of working within an Omni Queue Contact Centre.

The Second and best place to set your Email Priorities is within your Contact Centre Email Routing Rules.

  • Go to: Contact Centre > Channels > Email > Routing Rules.

Here you can adjust the priority of the incoming email for this rule using the drop-down list as highlighted.

In this example, I have all emails that Contain the word South in the subject field that will have a priority of Normal to my South Queue and South Skill. Any priority you set within Routing Rules will override the default Queue Priority within your Queue Settings, meaning you can have emails going to the same Queue but highlight Priority emails.

An example of this could be an email to an IT helpdesk. Emails go to at a standard normal priority. However, you can add a rule for this address that if the subject/message contains “Can’t log in”, change the priority of this email to go to the top of the Queue.

If you have any further questions on this, please let us know, and you can find all of our documentation within the Docs portal using the Docs tab at the top of this page.


thanks, this makes sense.

Great, thanks Jonathan.