Embedding links in static text/field text

Is there any way to embed a link into a fixed text field other than using Code Studio? It’s not the most unusual thing to do but I can’t see any way to do it.

An example might be something like “Read more about our Privacy Policy

As far as I am aware this would still meet accessibility guidelines.

Hi Ali, yes you can do this easily. Simply create a composite that consists of the text your wish to include. Simply select the text you wish to make the link and choose the link icon from your toolbar. This icon will open a window that allows you to specify your destination URL and applies that to the text you highlighted to be the clickable section. Hope this helps!

Regards Mark P.

Hi Mark. Is the link option in the toolbar for the composite, under the Content heading? I only see the following options, even with the text highlighted: Undo, Redo, Add current time, Add current environment, Language.

I think you need to use a ‘Snippet’ template and then add that to your page in an info by template widget. The link option is on the template toolbar.

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Hi Ali, my namesake Mark Pearson is absolutely correct. As things stand the formatting of text in a composite doesn’t allow for adding a link. My bad. We do allow it in other areas of the platform, such as in messages.

I have actually submitted a request to our Core Team, that this functionality is extended to Composites, and that would then make Composites another option that would be potentially more useful than Info by Template.

MARKP: Thank you for replying and correcting my error. It’s great to see you are sharing the love with other members! Many Thanks - MP :slight_smile:


If it is fixed content then you could also use a Variable of type “Text multiline formatted”, and add that to your page.

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