Exporting case details to xml


We have a request for a new online form where the case data needs to be exported into an XML file with specific fields (eg Building address) to then be uploaded into another system (so the fields used on the form need to align with the field names in the back office system).

Does anyone know if there’s any way this can be done using a case details page or message template, or another method?


Hi Henry, I hope all is well. Create can’t do it out of the box, but I’m reliably informed that it could be done using either Templates or Code Studio, depending on the specifics of what is required. If you would like to add some details of the specifics I will investigate the best option for you!

Regards - MP

Thanks Mark - so basically we would need a way to export the relevant fields submitted in the form - ideally from a case details page but equally it could be from an information table embedded in an email.

I can share a few lines from the existing XML file to show the schema used, but might have to email that as when I copy into here it strips out the formatting.


Hi Henry, by all means email me directly on this matter. My email address is mark.pearson@netcall.com

Regards - MP