Fancy a Plugin?

Our latest Plugin focus brings us the Clipboard Helper Presenter

The clipboard helper is for use on fields where agents may need to frequently copy the contents into documents or other systems.

This is common for items such as ID Numbers, Serial Number and other complex codes where accuracy is important. Click the paper clip to copy the field contents to the clipboard.
You can find this and all the other Plugins here.

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Thanks Tony,

It’s also worth noting, that if your remote system can take parameters as part of the url


you may benefit from using the Click Action Presenter.

With the Click Action Presenter, you can define your target URL in the build settings and your field value is automatically appended to the URL.

This could be handy, not just for looking up IDs in remote systems, but searching for references too. It could also be combined with MATS own header search to find other accounts or cases matching a particular value, or for external sites like Linkedin to look up an employee or company.

For more details on this presenter click here.