File image not updating when file amended

Is there a way I can get the file image to update when a file is amended. The field is restricted to image file types only. I have a submit button but I want the user to be able to amend multiple existing files and view the updated file they have selected before submitting the page.
The user needs to be restricted from deleting the record so I have removed the ability to add or delete a record. They can only amend the currently loaded files to choose a different one.

Hi Ann,

The image preview will not update until the submission has been saved I’m afraid.

The only way I can think you may be able to have something work would be to have another field within which you save the proposed new file. Create a popup window to accept the file and on submit, change the pane to show both old and new and offer buttons that will either cancel the change or copy the image into the main file position.

Please let me know if you have any questions.