Filter out cases for users on dashboard

Hi there,

Trying to filter out forms within a service group based upon a roles permissions. I realise this sounds quite similar to what I have previously asked before but now I require more granular filtering where they need access to some of the forms of a group but not all. I have tried to rescind access to forms based on user role from the pages builder but it’s still showing up in the list in CH/the dashboard.


Hi @Craig.O ,

If I have understood this correctly, you have a page with multiple forms and want to restrict visibility of some of the widgets based on the user role?

If so, then there are a few ways of doing this.

1. via User-Visibility Subsets
You can create a subset based on the user object, whether a user role is equal to a specified role.
e.g. User role, Is Equal To, X.

Within your widget’s settings, you can then specify the subset within the User-Visibility Subset setting. What this will do is only show that widget to the logged-in user if they meet the criteria within the subset.

2. via Visibility Requirements
If you’re doing this on an interface page (as opposed to a public/authenticated Webpage) then firstly you’ll need to add an information widget with the base of Logged-in User, which can be found in the object dropdown on the page builder settings panel. Within this widget, drag and drop the User role fragment into the widget. Make this fragment hidden if you like, using the hidden wrapper.

Now there is information on the page that can be utilised, as it’ll display the logged-in user’s role, so that you can now restrict visibility on the widgets. Within any of the widgets you want to restrict visibility by role, within your widget’s settings add a Visibility Requirement to only show for a specified role, using the hidden use role fragment as the source of the value.

This acts almost like a fragment dependency, such that the widget will now only be displayed if it meets the criteria specified.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: