Filtering SMS based on keyword to route inbound messages in Liberty

Hi all, I’m new to the Liberty Create platform and just scoping this out and wondering what the best practice method is for the the initial routing of inbound SMS messages to specific internal departments? As it seems logic for this could take place either at a subset level with adding messages to subsets for each department, through inbound handler matching, or through conditional field mapping for text within a message.

Which would be best practice for doing this completely within liberty?

Looking forward to any advice or input!


Further info: the user to service and vice versa messaging service exists using gov notify and an existing simple front end in liberty create.

Hi again is there any advice on this? I can see there is built in potential for email subject and header filtering but wondering if there’s an SMS equivalent. We would ideally use an API gateway but wondering if there’s a solution that’s fully on Liberty.

Hi @Peter.Mal ,

Any of those methods are a good way of routing inbound messages, to be honest. It really depends on which method you feel most comfortable in maintaining and managing. You could even use a mix-and-match approach if you wanted (for example, adding a message to a subset from an inbound message)

My advise would be to use Inbound Handler Matching on first instance, as this would be the easiest setup and lowest maintenance solution. However, you can create quite complex logic here by using a Code Studio Record Selector in the matching method.

I think the solution really is going to depend on the context of your build, and how things are setup, to give you a better suggestion - But using Handler Matching would probably be the first option to go for, then considering using other methods (e.g. subsets) instead/along side to support your build.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: