First API - How to execute from a form page

Hi Everyone

I’m new to Liberty Create and am trying to execute quite a straight forward SOAP API call.

As it’s my first post, I’m not sure if I’m providing too much or too little detail, so I’ll let your responses guide me.

The API is designed to return a UPRN when passed a street number and postcode. The API works successfully via the SOAP UI tool.

I have created an API_request object, and setup my API connection and call.

The only relevant objects in the data model are the case object which is joined 1:1 with the API_request object

I have created a page with a form widget, the form widget contains steert number and post code fields from the API_Request object and some other fields from the case object.

I have setup a rule triggered on completion of the first stage of the process to execute the API.

I was hoping that the API would be triggered with the street number and postcode entered on the page but it’s not.

After entering the details on the page and pressing the submit button I check a page I’ve built displaying records on the API_request object and I see the following:

2 records created.

  • One has the postcode and street number populated but no API call details.

  • The second shows the correct API call has been triggered with a blank payload and hence it fails.

I suspect the data is being stored to the case object but is cleared by the time the API call is made.

Anyway, it is probably something basic, as I said I’m new to this. Any advice will be much appreciated !

Thanks in advance


Hi Mark,

Could you message me with your contact details please and we can arrange a screen share, that way it shouldn’t take long for us to find the issue.

Many Thanks


Thanks Adam, can you drop me an email so we can set something up?

Hi @smittyy74
Just to let you know I have moved this Topic to the Liberty Create Build Advice Category.
I think you accidentally created it in the Liberty Converse questions.
Cheers, Tony