Freedom of Information


Is anybody using the Freedom of Information accelerator? We’ve downloaded it and are reviewing it and would like to talk to anyone who has implemented it.

Hi Colin,
We can’t help with the accelerator as we’ve built our own information governance app that is CH compatible. Happy to share this if you’d like to review, unpick and make use of what you can. I’m sure we could set up a little demo too if you like. It covers, FOI, EIR, Complaints, Compliments, Concerns, MP correspondence, and statutory Adults/Childrens complaints.

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Hi Colin - thanks for your request - I have emailed you the names of three councils - hope it helps - please reach out if I can help - best wishes Lynley

thank you Craig - very kind of you!

Hi Craig, that is really helpful, thank you. I’ll let our Business Analysts know and get back to you as I am sure they’d appreciate a demo of what yo have as I know they want to cover more than FOI. Colin