General Useage Reports

I want to fidn out what dialogues haven’t been used in the last 6 months. A lot of ur reports have not had reporting configured so I can’t run individual repots.
Is there a way to run a report to show how many times the dialogue was accessed/refreneced in the last six months? I can then start the process of tidying up the platform.

Hi what a great question.

Of course, the best way to ensure you can see what’s going on with Dialogues (and the number of calls each Dialogue takes) is to setup the Dialogue Reports (head over to our myNetcall Training Portal and enrol yourselves on the Dialogue Builder Essentials course, if you want to know how to do that).

But what happens if they haven’t been setup (as you say). Well thankfully there is a report on the system that logs every call in and out of the whole system for the last 90 days (so as long as the data you want is within the last 90 days you are covered). What report am I taking about? The Recent Calls Report of course :grin:.

Head over to your Liberty Converse Platform Admin page and under the report section you will see the Recent Calls report.

By default, this report will show you the last 15 minutes’ worth of data, but if you expand the Show Filters options as shown.

We now see a lot more options including the option of what Dialogue was used.

I can also set a custom date as well.

Entering a date such as 01/01/2022 until Now and then choosing the Dialogue from the drop-down list will display the total number of calls to that Dialogue in the last however long (max 90 days) - Don’t forget to click the Search button to update your results.

And yes, you can even see how many calls to a particular Group/Server there were. My personal favourite though is using this report to filter on the Outbound Call Result to help look for any faults on the phone network such as Number unobtainable/Number Barred.

Give it a go, and if you have any questions about the Recent Calls Report, then please let us know.


Jonathan Redsell.