Get more out of your Contact Centre Email Templates

Something I found out today (can’t believe I missed this in the release notes). Since 5.2 of Liberty Converse, we added some addition features to help you customise your Contact Centre Email Templates.

You now have the ability to add in variables based on data stored in your Liberty Directory against your Agents, such as:

  • [AgentName] = First name of the Agent sending the email.
  • [AgentFullName] = Agent Full Name.
  • [JobTitle] = Agent’s Job Title.
  • [Department] = Agent’s Department.
  • [Company] = Agent’s Company name.
  • [Location] = Agent’s Location.

Here’s and example of a Template with some variables enabled. You can see the tool tip next to the Custom Header/Footer explaining the variables you can use.

And here is what it looks like in the email, with the Agent’s first name, job title and department variables showing.

Who would have thought such a little feature would have brought me so much excitement. Anyway, I hope this excites you all as well and that it helps you with your Contact Center Email, template layouts. (No more having to add a snippet and changing the agent name each time).

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Am loving this Jonathan, am going to try this…as the system is ‘clever’ does it have the ability to give this email back to the named agent if they are logged on when the customer replies? Just a thought.

Hi @tracylancashire not at the time of me typing this response - but who knows what’s around the corner. Also glad you found this as exciting as I did :slight_smile:.

Hi @tracylancashire. Good suggestion. What if the agent was busy at the point the reply came in - would you rather it wait for the agent to become free (and for how long) or should it just wait in the queue for any agent at that point? I assume if the agent wasn’t logged in or on a busy code at the point that the email hits the queue it should just queue for anyone?

Hi @sam.roddis. I think I would prefer something where you could set it so there would be rules for what to do if the Agent was not logged in, or logged in but unavailable.