Getting a web page to display on the Dahsboards

Hi, we have recently upgraded to the latest version of Netcall Liberty Converse and are starting to use create dashboards, i notice there is widget for Iframe but the website we want to launch does not support this protocol, is anyone aware of a workaround to embed a web-page on the agent screen?

Hi Martin,

There are two options for embedding external content into the Web Agent application. One is to use a Workspace which would then show up as an additional “view” in the main navigation bar, or if the content is suitable and would scale, there is an iFrame widget option in the dashboard.

However both of the above options require that the external web site allow their content to be embedded into an iFrame of another web application. You can determine this by viewing the HTTP response header “X-Frame-Option”. If this is set to DENY or SAMEORIGIN then unfortunately its not going to work and there is no way around this.