Goodbye 2021 and hello to 2022!

As we wave goodbye to 2021, I wanted to again look back and highlight a few key moments and achievements within the Netcall Community in what has been another busy, but tough year for many of us.
The Community has continued to grow to over 1,600 members with an ever-increasing number of resources, eLearning courses, and Forum posts. This included a plethora of new AppShare content including COVID-19 supporting Apps (many created by, or in conjunction with members), some very comprehensive Apps like Nest, our helpdesk support app, and SafeDesk which helped to get us back to the office safely (well at least for a short time anyway for many of us).
And we didn’t stop there, we also hosted 14 online Create, Converse and RPA events, added an all new Ideas and Voting capability so you could shape future development, added a new Document Portal to make it easier to access all our documentation, and, in between all this, we also dished up an all new look-and-feel with a much friendlier AppShare.
So, what’s the plan for 2022? Well we have some really exciting plans for 2022 which we think will bring some real benefits for all users. This includes some big, big plans for eLearning (I can’t say too much yet, but we are really excited about this!), our shiny new Code Vault, and much more.
So again, thank you to everyone who contributed, and here’s to a successful 2022!