Google Tag Manager in Liberty Create

Has anyone implemented Google Tag Manager into their Liberty Create?

We are working with our data analyst to capture user usage patterns as well as how they progress through intended workflows. We have the code snippets for the head and body but we want to ensure that Liberty Create is compatible with this functionality as well as understand if it needs to persist across all pages.

Follow-on from this post: Custom Login Page with Register Functionality & Google Analytics - Liberty Create - Build Advice - Netcall Community

Hi @rdau ,

You may be able to achieve this by creating and using a Code Studio themepack in your interface.

However, there has been an idea raised for supporting a way of implementing Google Tag Manager. You can track the idea and it’s progress there.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I got it working as a POC by adding the two (automatically generated) given code snippets in Google Tag Manager to my Theme Pack by, not only watching a few YouTube videos but also, going through Set up and install Tag Manager. Specifically step 2.

TLDR; Copy the two pieces of code, the GTM <head> code is placed in header.vue file in the <script> section before the standard vue export.
Then place the GTM <body> code in your footer.vue file within the <template> section.
Also, don’t forget to allow access to and * in your Firewall Policy.
Then finally just add your Tag configuration within Google Tag Manager. I added an “All Pages” Google Analytics to test.

Now when I access my Liberty Create Interface configured with the above Themepack, Google Analytics does “things”.

Caveat: I got it to work, I’m not a Google Tag Manager nor a Google Analytics expert.

Thank you for this! Hoping to bring this back to the development team for thoughts.