Custom Login Page with Register Functionality & Google Analytics

Hi All,

Is it possible to have our own custom login page with functionality for the users to register themselves with a step by step information?

  1. New user lands on the login page
  2. Then clicks on the register button to select their own username, password and then move to the next step for a further level of information.

Also, Can we embed Google Analytics in Liberty Create?


Hi Vishal,

You can style the login screen and include content on it via the Authentication Flow, Introduction Text field. This could be used to add a link to a user registration webpage which could be split into a number of steps.

In terms of Google Analytics, we can drop the code into our standard page template should you wish? This will be easier than creating a widget to include on each page. As of v2020.1, and the new Portal set features, you’ll be able to do this yourself.


As an additional option to go along with Richard’s suggestion, you could try this

• Create a new Public Webpage to be used when logging in. From the Build Studio > Interface > Pages click Add page. Ensure that the Utilisation option on the Basics tab of the page is set as Webpage (Public) before clicking Create. In the layout of the page you can then add a form widget containing properties and attributes from the User Object such as forename, surname, username, password, security question etc. You may wish to also add the User role attribute and default it to a specific user role and also set it’s wrapper to be a hidden row so the person logging in can’t amend it.
In the settings of the Form widget set the Destination option as an External link of the login page for your app. This means that once the person creates their own account they can then use these details to log themselves in.
Once the page is published, a link to it is displayed at the top of the page (it’s called Webpage link). Click this to open the webpage and copy the URL for the next step

• Create a variable from Build Studio > Data Store > Variables. This will be a base format of text, multi-line formatted and contain the text that will be displayed on the login page to instruct someone to create their own account e.g. ‘If you don’t have an account click here to create one’. You can then add a link to the webpage created above within the text (the ‘click here’ text is probably the best option to add this to)

• Use the variable above on the login page. To do this, go to Build Studio>System> System Variables. Select the variable created above from the Login message drop down option

Now, when opening the login page, the variable created above should display below the standard sign in option. Clicking the hyperlink in the text will allow your user to self register. Once they complete the form they will then be redirected back to the login page from where they can log themselves in using their newly created account.

Thanks @richard.billington .
That will be great if you can drop the code in page template.

Thanks, @Fabio.Brugnoli. Yes, that’s what I followed and it worked like a treat.
I was wondering if I have to add a register button and images on Liberty Create standard Login page, adding it to style sheet would be the best approach?