Good Afternoon,

Is it possible for Liberty Converse to use the API for sending SMS messages?



HI @thepfy, which part of the platform are you wanting to send SMS from?



Hi Jonathan,

It would be Notify / Remind+ Outpatient Appointment Reminder and Confirmer campaigns.



Thanks @thepfy I did think this but wanted to make sure. Is this for 2way SMS or just One way?

Hi Jonathan,

Just one-way. Cannot see anything on the website which mentions 2 way SMS
Their REST documentation is linked below.

REST API documentation - GOV.UK Notify (

Thanks Paul

Thanks Paul, just been checking and taking a look at my system (5.4.3) and note there is no direct way currently to connect to GOV.Notify

I shall go and speak to some people to see about the feasibility of this.

In the mean time if any other uses of GOV.Notify wish to have this method of connection available please let us know.

Thanks Jonathan,

Given the number of public sector organisations which use Netcall I can see as potentially useful given they allow you to send a number of SMS free.

The allowance is:

250,000 free text messages for central government services
25,000 free text messages for other public sector services

It costs 1.58 pence (plus VAT) for each text message you send after you’ve used your free allowance.

Thanks Paul. We have raised a change request for this feature, it is at the first stage (being considered), and we will update here with the outcome.

In the mean time can all customers who would benefit from this please let us know by commenting here and also if you can add any additional comments about how you utilise the SMS that would be great as well.



We’re using Gov.notify as well and would like to link this to our notify outbound.

IS this possible?