How can I build a Flow that runs fully in the background?


I have a question on how can I build a Flow that runs fully in the background?



Hi Alf,

That is a great question. It is certainly possible to run flows in the background, it depends on the activity.
Some activities can run entirely on the background, inivisible to the user while some do require to be in focus or visible. Down below some examples of both categories:

Background and ‘invisible’ to user:

  • Moving files and folders
  • Working with PDF files
  • Database activities

Can not be performed in the background, require applications to be in focus:

  • Wand activities
  • Keyboard presses

Some activities can be finetuned to work in the background. For example automating in the browser (Google Chrome for example) can both be done in the foreground or in the background by choosing the option ‘Headless’ under properties. Same holds for Office programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook; by default they open in the foreground but unchecking the ‘Visible’ option makes them run stealthy in the background.

An easy way to know if an activity runs in the background is by typing ‘background’ in Liberty RPA Studio search bar. Using this filter only activities that can run in the background will be shown in the menu.