How do i go about syncing my company Active Directory data with Liberty Create?

I went down the single sign on route, but this isn’t really what we need. We need all of our users synced onto the LC platform, with associated metadata as required. Probably on a daily basis ? Has anybody done this ? thanks

Morning Dudders27,

What is it about Single Sign-On that isn’t meeting your needs, is it that you need to assign cases to non-users of the system? Are you aware that the users do not need to exist first and that first-time users can be created on first usage?

If you still wish to pursue syncing with your AD, how we proceed will depend on whether your AD is in the cloud with Azure or if it’s on-premise. We can use our On-Premise Adapter to allow you to communicate with AD by way of running PowerShell scripts against your ADFS server.

Many Thanks

Adam Mills

Hi, we are also doing this at the moment, we are using the MS Graph API - but not got it working 100% yet as there are some tricky bits with the skip token and the need to avoid getting into an infinite loop of API calls

we are able to successfully bring in the first page of employees though, which is a good PoC for the method

Thanks for responding Adam. Yes the systems we wish to create in LC need active directory metadata etc such as a persons manager, even if the person(target) has never logged on to LC.

We have on premise A/D which is also synced to o365.

It sounds like the on-prem sync is perhaps the route to take for us?

Morning Dudders27,

If you speak with your Project Manager or Account Manager at Netcall, they can arrange for us to discuss a way forward, what is required for the On Premise-Adapter and what assistance you may need from us to complete this effort.

Many Thanks