How do you use SLA?

Hi All

With Liberty Converse, you can configure SLA1 and SLA2 against the Group, Queue and Skill. This means there are up to 6 combinations that every interaction can be measured against which makes things overly complicated and difficult to understand.

Can you let me know how you use SLA in your organisation. I’m particularly interested in hearing whether the skill SLA is required, as the most obvious change in my mind is just to remove it!

Thanks for your input.

Hi Sam,

We only have 1 SLA for all of our calls. We have no need to have so many options and combinations.

Hope this helps.

Hi Sam. I have always found that having a Group and Queue SLA the most suitable, as Skills mimic Queues there is no real need to have this twice.

Having two SLA’s certainly provide further information to our customers. For example they will use SLA1 as their corporate SLA E.G. 80% of Calls within 60 seconds (or in some cases 100% of calls in 15 (yes I have seen this)). Then use SLA2 as a target SLA.

For example looking at their Average Answer Time and look to set the level to around this mark. This way they can look to change this and look at ways to reduce it where possible, but this enables a visual marker over the reporting time on how the average wait time has been performing, quite a handy visual aid even if you don’t set it to be visible in a dashboard the reporting elements are quite nice.

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Thanks Tracy. Do you have the SLA on the group, the queue or the skill?

Thanks Jonathan. Does anyone ever use both the Group and the Queue SLA for the same interaction - is that useful? Or if someone configures a Group SLA then in practice do they do that instead of using the Queue SLA?
I’m thinking that the simplest option for users is that every interaction has a single SLA1 and SLA2 and the only question is where the targets are configured - ie. against the group, the queue or the skill. Best option seems to be that we let you configure the targets on the group but then allow you to override them per queue if needed (ie. if a queue has a different target to the rest of the queues in the group).

@sam.roddis We have the SLA on the group. I can see that it could be useful for the queue although at present we do not use this.